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Remediation for Construction

ALZURE provides solutions for the construction industry at all scales. Our unique advantages include a sophisticated ecosystem survey and modelling process combined with proprietary solution design system developed over 20 years: we also test every remediation scheme in our laboratory. We use organic natural materials and can deal with more contaminants than our competitors while allowing clients the option of avoiding off-site disposal. ALZURE solutions are rapid, complete, and highly competitive and come with a clear guarantee.

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Agricultural Solutions

We provide solutions ranging from the repair and reclamation of degraded, damaged and over-farmed soil, through to maximising yield. Benefits of the ALZURE approach include: improved water retention; reduced need for chemical fertilisers & pesticides; reduced leaching of nitrogen; and, detoxification of soil contaminated by animal waste. We provide optimal solutions for difficult soil conditions such as water stress, salt, chemical damage and erosion, and can help convert farms to ‘organic’ without breaks in production.



We can deal with the broad spectrum of contaminants found in land or water. For instance, we can achieve 95%+ reductions in TPH, BTEX, PAH and common chemicals (such as phosphates, nitrates and chlorine) within 28 days. Our treatments are effective against pollutants including but not limited to:

  • most heavy metals (including radioactive substances, naturally occurring or man-made);
  • hydrocarbons including the full range of petrochemical and industrial by-products including BTEX, TPH & PAH;
  • noxious gases, fluorocarbons and halocarbons, odours;
  • chlorine, fluorine and associated compounds, particulates in water, salt;
  • animal-waste contamination (such as on farm land);
  • medical and veterinary drugs (including hormones); NO2, NOx and nitrogen compounds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides;
  • arsenic, cyanide, and other industrial pollutants including the full range of solvents such as trichloroethylene;
  • white asbestos (chrysotile, in microfibre or powder form up to 15% concentration), other types require an in-situ sample to be tested to determine susceptibility to treatment.

ALZURE’s unique, proprietary remediation service uses a combination of natural minerals, frequency, polarity and naturally occurring organic activators to deliver an optimal solution for every area within a contaminated site. Results can be achieved in as little as 7 days after treatment is applied in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity and water flow – up to 45 days for deep contamination in cold or near-freezing conditions.

Our Commitment

Once ALZURE has declared that it can remediate a site, we guarantee to meet our client's targets.

We issue a 6-month warranty on the results after the remediation is complete.


New, innovative technologies and approach bring fresh opportunities to all aspects of land repair, restoration and improvement.

Fleet of foot or steady march

For the construction industry the appropriate ALZURE remediants act swiftly and completely in a short timescale. By contrast the agricultural products are designed to change the nature of soil over time. Both of these suit the purpose of the job at hand.

Somewhere in between

In terms of speed of action this is where the remediation of environmental problems takes place. The remediant blends treat critical problems with alacrity, and then carry on with the job of improving the overall state of the environment.

On-site remediation

Pretty much obligatory for agricultural improvement or environmental cleanup, but a choice for the construction industry. The cost advantages of on-site remediation are becoming more significant each year compared with transporting and dumping waste.

Solutions safer than the problem

All of our remediants are safe to use. Reasonable precautions in application are followed, but even in drastic cases of contamination, the remediating blends are the same gentle components, just a different mix.

Really tricky problems

Bad contamination? We can fix it. Heavy lorry traffic an issue? We can keep it to a minimum. Delicate, intricate or confined surroundings, or difficult terrain? We can work with hand tools. Site humongous? Let’s deal with it a few hundred hectares at a time. Looks impossible? Ask anyway.

A mix of problems

That’s why one size really doesn’t fit all: different remediation blends are used for the particular contamination in each soil and groundwater context –so a site may have many different mixtures applied. In some cases we use multiple application methods in a single remediation project.