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ALZURE® is an environmental services company with a revolutionary approach that creates precisely engineered, fast-acting remediation solutions for land, and fast, sustainable water treatment. Our remediation approach is:

  • effective – smart use of established principles of physics, biochemistry and chemistry
  • fast-acting – because solutions precisely deal holistically with particular ecosystems problems
  • predictable – allowing a client to plan according to its business needs and regulatory requirements
  • green – based on natural processes and substances that are precisely combined for the treatment of complex contamination

Allied with our strategic, dedicated technical partner, Zelex, we are bringing highly effective and competitive remediation services to a wide range of business sectors. These include construction, energy, water, power, agriculture and mineral extraction.

Repaired Ecosystems

ALZURE specialises in on-site remediation and maximises the recovery and reuse of materials. For water we can remove pollutants as they are produced, and in many cases recover useful elements. Our approach is specific and it investigates what is wrong in an ecosystem and repairs it. In the case of agriculture, our technology will also improve long-term soil health and yield.


The ALZURE approach is about being precise, working with a client and their advisers to measure and model the problems. For understanding land and water contamination we carry out extensive sampling for a full 3-D geospatial survey to uncover how contaminants are affecting an ecosystem. From this we tailor an exact solution to repair ecosystem problems, which will surpass risk analysis targets.

Fast and Effective

Our approach has a track record for large and small contamination problems and sites. For land remediation positive impact can be seen in 14–21 days. For water treatment, improvement takes place on installation. All our technologies work rapidly and sustainably. And, because we make sure we understand the problem, we can guarantee that targets are met within an agreed timescale.

Our Services


ALZURE offers a comprehensive range of land remediation services for the construction industry, agriculture, the oil & gas industry, energy, power distribution, local and national governments and a host of other potential clients. Whether you are remediating contaminated land for construction, repairing damaged or eroded farm land (or simply want to improve yield or convert to organic without a break in production), or need to clean up environmental issues from legacy land use, historic operations, spillages, leaks or accidents – ALZURE has the solution. Our unique and proprietary methods based on harnessing nature’s natural and organic processes to restore the balance and health of each ecosystem offer fast, reliable and environmentally sustainable solutions at highly competitive prices, backed by guarantees.

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Water Treatment

As well as groundwater treatment for land remediation, ALZURE offers services for cleaning polluted water as well as high volume desalination at low power consumption and low cost. Our systems are scalable and use powerful, organic flocculants, combined with ultrasonics and specialised filtration technology which can operate continuously at high volume while consuming remarkably little power. Applications include the oil & gas industry, where our services can be used to recycle water for fracking, vastly reducing the nuisance caused by road transportation of flow back and fresh water. Our water treatment can also extend the life of carbon steel boilers used in coal-fired power stations, at the same time improving efficiency and reducing water consumption. If you need to conserve or recycle on an industrial scale – ALZURE has the answer.

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Quality and Standards

ALZURE is fully compliant with all appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks. We adhere to national and international standards for remediation. Our operations team strictly maintain health and safety and site management standards and best practice. All in-house and sub-contracted staff have appropriate permits and credentials.

Revolutionary Yet Proven Approach

ALZURE brings to market a set of remediation technologies based on sound scientific principles applied with a finesse not seen in current offerings. The principle of using subtle combinations of techniques in an individually customised solution for remediation provides many advantages.

Competitive Pricing

Enabling ecosystems to repair themselves requires less materials and human effort than competing methods. Our more effective technologies can be deployed at a lower cost than other currently available methods. For land we remediate specific contaminants in specific situations and minimise 'dig-and-dump'. For continuous water treatment, our equipment is highly effective and energy-efficient.

Why choose ALZURE?


The ALZURE approach is to remediate whole ecosystems. It finesses known aspects of physical processes and combines them in highly innovative and subtle ways to generate precisely matched solutions. This is the intelligent application of physics, biochemistry and chemistry.


Using intelligent combinations of naturally occurring materials with simple processes of application gives the dual benefits of enhanced remediation and fewer health risks. The risks are reduced in transportation, storage, product mixing, application, and subsequent use of the remediated area.


By harnessing the natural power of organic substances and blending them in a pre-tested solution, we ensure that remediation starts working immediately and extremely rapidly. This produces a significantly faster result than other in-situ approaches.


The ALZURE processes are based on high-speed assessment, pre-testing and rapid, flexible, solution design. Increased agility gives clients options that have until now not been economically, technically or structurally viable. Heavily contaminated property can be restored to valuable use.


ALZURE's innovative and proprietary ecosystem survey, analysis, and in-depth modelling, together with the rigour of the remediant and solution design and pre-testing, enables us to stand behind a money-back guarantee.


ALZURE is all about delivering environmentally sustainable remediation. Sustainability is the driving force behind all our processes and every solution is guaranteed to contribute positively to the ecosystem.